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of napa and then you can see here just off to the west of here as well. this goes for areas here just to the west of san rafael, also fairfax as well with the temperatures from 30 to 35. north bay hills will be the coldest, ranging from 30 to 33 degrees. napa, 37. petaluma, 38. novato, expecting 39 degrees. south san jose, mid 40s. more coming up in the full forecast on how long all of this will last. plus a little bit of a warmup coming our way in that halloween forecast in about 15 minutes. >>> new at 11:00, beefing up security tonight. the santa clara city council has approved spending $200,000 on background checks for new police officers to help patrol the stadium. levi stadium expected to open next august. the city plans to hire 100 police officers for 49ers games and concerts. officers will earn $55 an hour. to apply, candidates have to be a current or retired police officer. office duty pd will be given first choice. violence at nfl games has become a big concern after several fights at candle stick park in recent years. >>> newly released surveillance video to show you. police
. that is going to bring the temperatures down likely to 38 in napa. and here's the thing. it is going to get colder throughout wednesday morning. in fact cold enough that a frost advisory has been issued in the north bay hills above 1,000 feet. those of you that should be concerned the most just outside of napa. once again right above 1,000 feet. this also goes for areas around the highway 101 corridor off to the west of marinwood and larkspur as well. that is where the temperatures will go down into the 30s wednesday morning. we're telling you now so you can prepare. take the pets inside and cover up the plants. it will mean cooler afternoon highs. we will tell you about shockingly cool temperatures for october coming up. >>> and showing you video from truckee where the snow is coming down hard tonight. the sierra expecting 1 to 3 inches of snow. the first major snow of the season hit last night. as it continues to stick, chains are required in some spots. better be prepared. >> the ski resort in tahoe are getting ready. the snow machines working overtime. boreal hopes to open this weekend
the napa valley region. you can expect temperatures that could get close to the 20s tonight. we'll let you know what it means for that halloween forecast in just a few minutes. >>> the sonoma county sheriff's department has identified the deputy involved in last week's fatal shooting of a 12-year-old boy. he's been a training officer since 2007 and a medal of valor recipient. 13-year-old andy lopez was struck by gunfire seven times. two wounds were fatal. he was carrying a toy gun that resembled a semiautomatic weapon. >>> this is monica johnson. police say she hit her friend. it happened around 2:30 this morning in willow glen. johnson backed into buck and pinned her against the garage door. both women knew each other and were in the car together before this accident. there were beer cans at the crash site. >>> back in august, the ceo said the company would layoff 4,000 workers from its entire work force. more than 15,000 of its nearly 62,000 employees worked at this location. >>> and less than two hours from now, the pel can city counsel will consider a proposal to put a digital billboar
around napa, yontville and st. helena. up above 1,000 feet. in that area, close to that freezing mark for several hours. this extends to the southern fringes of the north bay just outside novato, marinwood and san rafael in the hills above 1,000 feet. here's the coldest we're highlighting. napa, 36. novato, 40. this trend will dive in colder air over the next 48 hours. what that means in the seven-day forecast and as you mentioned before, someone has their jacket on tonight, here's a hint, keep the jacket out for a good far of this week. >> it chilly. >>> speaking of weather, all the wind everyone's talking about, trees, trucks like that one there, and power lines were no match for these high winds. guests of up to 75 miles per hour. nbc bay area's marianne favro shows us some of the damage. >> reporter: talk about a close call when winds toppled a 100 foot tall redwood tree, it landed on the roof of this home. just below, several tons of trunk is the bedroom of a 3-year-old girl. luckily, she and her family were safe in the kitchen. the couple that live in the cottage behind the dama
calendar year. livermore, in six months, only had 2.08 inch of rainfall. napa, 3.21. we're at a deficit of anywhere from 10 to 15 inches. yes, it is a very dry october. trace amounts to .05 an inch. keep in mind, we pick up the heaviest rain for the bay throughout january and also into march. so there is still hope in that forecast. and right now, we're not doing too bad when you look at things overall. fir from about 20% to 72% of normal. it's certainly he something that is in the back of our minds as we continue to track this weather pattern for the next upcoming week. any kind of rain drops will definitely help the situation out. >> okay. thank you, jeff. >>> murder case moving forward. six months after an off-duty paramedic was shot to death in the oakland hill, a judge has ruled at least one teenager will stand trial for the killing. nbc bay area's cheryl hurd joins us from oakland with today's developments. it's a very emotional case. >> reporter: especially for liz boyer, quinn boyer's widow. meanwhile, one homicide detective was the only person to take the stand here on the seco
temperatures? napa could be one of the chilliest. 38 in santa rosa. east bay, more like low 40s. that's going to feel like the upper 30s. 47 in san jose. 42 in morgan hill. we're used to these huge temperature swings by the afternoon, but still looks like it will stay in the 60s for the south bay. 68 in livermore. 67 walnut creek. 58 and up towards the interior valley. 67 in napa. haven't forgotten about you kids. halloween, temperatures in the upper 50s with just a few clouds. looking mighty fine. temperatures go up warmer by the afternoon thursday, friday, and saturday. a little bit of a roller costar ride. if you have a new jacket, now is the time to try it out. >> at least it's warming up a bit for halloween. >>> still ahead here at 5:00, surfs up. when we're hearing the legendary maverick surf contest is going to start. >>> it's that time of year. the legendary maverick surf contest is almost here. it can only take place with ideal surfing conditions. that means waves higher than 30 feet need to be breaking at equal intervals. competitors can be given as little as 24 hours to arrive. >>>
. excellent visibility. 10 miles and or plus. we are pinning the coldest weather in the north bay. 37 in napa. 38 in santa rosa. san jose expecting 46. let's get to the good stuff. as we head throughout thursday, it's going to feel kind of warm to you after 50s and low 60s. 72 in san jose, 72 in palo alto. san francisco and downtown it will feel like 70. 71 in sonoma, also 73 in napa. let's get the halloween forecast in here. if you're worried about your little ones as they go trick or treating, it's all good. just a little bit of cloud cover. as we head through the next three days, the warm front just out to the north. let's find out how warm. mid to upper 70s inland, upper 60s to low 70s by the bay and 60s at the coastline. don't forget the time change on sunday. fall back. want to make sure you are on time. >> the bottom line, we get an extra hour of sleep. >> i think so. >>> coming up, the boy who stole the show from the pope. back in a moment. i want you to know stuff i want you to be kind. i want you to be smart. super smart. i want one thing in a doctor. i want you to be handsome. i wa
what happens at 1:00. napa, fairfield, san francisco. winds sustained out of the north at close to 20 miles an hour. some gusts approaching 35. and windy conditions heading into tomorrow night. the other thing you're going to notice as we step outside the wind protected valleys already in the 30s right now. look at that. napa, 39 degrees. the dew point temperature, or the air temperature that the air will try to cool towards by sunrise, if you don't have wind, is now dry enough to support patchy frast frost in parts of the north bay valley. we're already seeing that. patchy frost. we could get wind gusts approaching 35 miles an hour during the day tomorrow. we'll talk more about windy changes to the forecast. and a real good chance now for rain in the seven-day forecast. we'll that for you coming up. back to you. >> we are learning new details about two burglaries in walnut creek that we first reported last night. police told us they believe the two crimes were committed by the same person. you can see in the surveillance video here, a burglar break a glass door in the palos verde str
temperatures, still chilly especially up in the north bay where we're pinpointing the cooler weather. napa at 38. but not quite as cold here for the east bay and the south bay with that slightly warmer air aloft and we do think it's going to give those temperatures a little bit of a break and take a look at this thursday forecast for your halloween. numbers going up by about three to five degrees. very close to our averages for this time of the year. cool, crisp air moving on in 73 in morgan hills and 74 in gilroy and 70 in los gatos. i say cool and crisp because it generally will be but compared to what we started off with at the beginning of the week, it will feel warm to you. 74 in livermore and 73 in dublin and also 72 in danville and 69 castro valley and 69 in alameda. 67 in downtown san francisco and head up to the north bay 73 in napa and 71 in sonoma and berkeley over towards oakland. for all the kids at school, awesome forecast throughout the day if they're doing trick or treating from classroom to classroom but when it comes to the evening, all those kids have everything planned
free halloween this evening with upper 50s expected. we have 39 in napa. 34 expected in walnut creek. 49 in san jose. by the afternoon, as we head throughout our friday, it's going to be getting even hotter. 74 in san jose. 75 in evergreen. 76 in gilroy. east bay, mid 70s. 75 in walnut creek. 76 there in danville. coastline will stay in the 60s. 70 for san francisco. warming trend stays over the next two days. that storm track is going to be really close with some rain passing a couple of hundred miles off to the north. we continue with some great weather throughout friday and saturday. notice sunday, temperatures drop. we get some cooler air filtering in. don't forget those clocks on sunday. they do go back one hour. the winds will pick up on monday and tuesday and that chilly air will stay in the forecast at least for the beginning of next week. right now, it is going to be downright hot. >>> still ahead, they may not be able to leave the hospital, but they still get to trick or treat. how one children's hospital brought the spirit of halloween to its patients. >>> how a silicon va
in napa. 43 in santa rosa. 46 in livermore. 48 in san jose. daytime highs tomorrow will be comfortable. i do think it is going to be the best day of the weekend on saturday. we'll have 72 in san jose. 74 in morgan hill. we'll be right near the mid 70s in livermore. 72 pleasanton. fairfield around the low 70s. alameda, 68. we'll likely see 60s here from richmond to san francisco and at the immediate coast. let's get to that next forecast change. that's going to be the wind. saturday night, we're going to see this wind begin to increase. i don't think it's going to be as bad as that wind storm we had last weekend, but trees are weak e weakened. you can see 11:00 p.m. on saturday, we'll see those bright colors near the north bay. that's winds at 15 miles per hour. overall winds 15 to about 30 miles per hour as we head throughout sunday morning as well. colder weather for sunday's forecast. we're going the fast forward things again. this is a major weather shift for us. as we head throughout thursday, next thursday, we've got some rainfall off to the north. it is going to be brought down to p
. 70 in napa, and 70 degrees down in gilroy. all right. let's get right to it. what a weather treat we have for you. the kids get to wear their costumes to school tomorrow, and it will be comfortable for that 77 degrees inland. 71 bayside. 63 at the coast. temperatures start to drop off, and the sun sets at about 6:15, and it will get chilly pretty quickly. you do want to keep that in mind. overall, though, our afternoons keep getting warmer all the way through friday. we have a good-looking weekend setting up, and that's only to be topped by an extra hour of sleep as we head through sunday. i can taste it already. it tastes delicious. zoob yeah, it does. we love our sleep around here. >> that's an extra treat to go along with all that candy and the rocks i get in myback bag. >> coming up on the 11:00 a.m. show, caught on camera. a south america surfer -- this guy is unbelievable -- hailed as a hero as he jumped into harm's way to save a fellow surfer, and that wasn't his only big accomplishment of the day. >> show off. >>> on howl waen eve we have a real life superhero to tell you abo
that will be getting close. 39 in st. helena, 39 in napa, you need extra blankets. warmer for the east bay. 46 in livermore, 49 san jose, 46 in redwood city. some of the ocean air helping to keep san francisco warmer with 52 degrees. on friday, numbers in the mid to upper 70s. we ratcheted these up a little bit from the earlier forecast. 77 in evergreen. 75 san jose, 72 in santa cruz. palo alto getting toasty for this time of year along the peninsula. in the east bay, we've bumped these numbers up a little bit. close but not quite there the to 80. 77, 76 plesstantton, not following too behind behind castro valley expecting 74. san francisco we expect 70 in downtown up against the immediate coastline, it's going to be mid and upper 60s, back to berkeley 73, and oakland at 75. the next thing in the world of weather we are watching is wind building in by late saturday and sunday morning. winds 15 to 30 miles per hour at the coastline. we could see winds range frpg 15ing to 30. sunday is the next big horizon change in the world of weather. speaking of change, don't forget the clocks as we head tow
. the frost on the windshield. record cold, in fact, out in napa. 31 degrees this morning. actually, a new record for this date. that beat out the old record of 32 degrees, which is freezing. that was set back in 2011. we have another cold start tomorrow, but it won't be quite as frigid. i want to the show you san jose. look at this beautiful fall color across the south bay. just beautiful out there right now. as we head throughout this afternoon, the winds are going to continue to pick up. i want to show you san francisco. our camera is starting to get a little bit of a shake to it as those winds really increase. at this hour, we're starting to see the single digits jump up. your futurecast tells the story. we're going to see gustier conditions between now and 4:00 p.m., especially through the inland valleys. we're talking about the higher elevations inland and at the immediate coastline. keep that in mind. 30 to 40-mile-per-hour wind gusts just about everywhere except for the san jose area. that go here's where we're headed temperaturewise. 73 degrees in livermore for today. 69 in fremon
in napa. cooling off pretty quickly into the south bay. 61 in jfgilroy. do want to spend some time on this first look forecast. we are going to start off cool to chilly here fo2hú$e interior value lease. temperatures in the mid 40s at 5:00 a.m. jy upper 40s by the bay and at the coastline. then throughout 11:00 a.m., still going to be at least light jacket weather with us. that sun shooip. temperatures generallyok runnin low to mid 60s. we're going to see things catapult againc by the afternoo. more coming up.ok let's take you outside to the high definitione1xd skycam a network. we dot( have haze with us right now nap will bring us hazy sunshine for tomorrow. moderate air quality on the pens#áu&a and also forxd sectio of the northok bay.t( >> a sneak preshoet( on this halloween eveningt( on what's t come for tomorrow.w3xdxd 39 in santa rosa. 42 in walnut creek. we'llc see temperatures around mid 40s.xdw7r that temperature is going toc jump from about 1:00 to 4:00 in the afternoon. we'll see it climb to about 15 degrees.xdok low to mid 70s>&&rfá gilroy. the mid 70s.xd we'll get t
. napa, 73. so a great saturday shaping up. then as we transition into late saturday, also into sunday, we're going to see that wind pick up. it doesn't look as bad as last week's windstorm, but saturday night, most of the increasing wind across the north bay, point rayes. winds that correspond with the key at 15 to 30 miles per hour. as we head throughout sunday morning, looks like the east bay, south bay and peninsula will start to get in on those winds at 15 to 30 miles per hour as well. do watch out for that. again, mainly on sunday morning. our next possibility of rain looks to swing down here as we head throughout next friday in the next forecast. it's a long way out, but we've been a month without any kind of rainfall. that will be good news. on the seven-day forecast, the weekend best day to be out. mid 70s inland. sunday colder and windier with upper 60s. we'll stay with the 60s through tuesday of next week. tick tock. don't forget those clocks. set them back one hour as we head throughout sunday. i had to bring that back. i said that last year and i remembered it. >> tick toc
'm meteorologist, christina loren. make sure you are ready for that. 36, santa rosa. 37, napa. you can see mostly clear start to the day in san francisco. we are looking good there. otherwise, we are going to see a nice, sunny finish to the day. 71 in livermore. 68 in san jose. 70 in gilroy. the warmup continues as we head through the week. ship ran aground in 2012. >> people find out something that i tried to hide for two years from my life because this is my private life and i have a baby, and this is necessary for me to hide. >> reporter: on the night the "concordia" sank, she had been invited on to the bridge. now, dominique morton has finally conceded, reluctantly giving evidence in court that she was the captain's lover. >> the judge forced me to say something that is so private, and i hope that will help him or the process to go on. >> reporter: on trial, captain francesco schettino, who is 53 and is married, strongly denies the relationship, despite this photograph of them together enjoying oysters. speaking a year ago to nbc news, the captain said he was not with dominiqua on the bridge
. >> 40s and 50s outside right now. a little bit of patchy fog, 56 in san francisco, 41 napa, 40 in santa rosa. the thing we're going to be watching today will be showers in the north bay, sonoma county. this front will bring in cooler, d drier air. mid 50s in san francisco and tonight wind advisory up for bay area hilltops with gusts near 45 miles per hour. we could have issues with tree branches and the like. sunday cooler to start the week and maybe by thursday and friday, a real chance of rain. stay tuned. >> thank you, rob. it is finally over and the votes have been counted. bart workers approved the temporary contract which ended last month's strike. union leaders announced the ratification with the union approving the contract at 88%. go 2,300 employees were eligible to cast ballots. the workers ratified the deal and now the board of directors for bart has to give final approval. what the riders get, the riding public, is three years of no strike threat. the contract has a no-strike clause. >> terminal three at l.a.x. remains closed after mabb carrying a high powered rifle stormed
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